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Your blog, we integrate
We can integrate your WordPress Business blog with your Business Portal. It involves continuous improvement of these customised extensions, for instance, same extension in different languages, new features, different plug-ins etc.

Ask us for:

  • Installation of such extension
  • Assistance in usage of themes/codes/1-click log-in/menu creation in the business Blog
  • Integration of existing WordPress Blog within your same URL

Do you need help in integrating WordPress themes and plug-ins? Are you facing tough time in using open source CMS WordPress? Or you don’t have much time to look around WordPress? Well, WordPress Integration is all about taking your website to a whole new level by assisting you to integrate themes, programs, plug-ins, applications etc. If you want your website to work and operate in a different manner as compared to the normal installation, and wish your website to behave differently and uniquely then Web Outsourcing Team is the perfect platform for you all. We have skilled WordPress professionals that could seamlessly integrate your WordPress site, plug-ins along with the themes both premium as well as free, without dealing with the hassle of all technical peculiars.

We are a proud web development and designing company of a wide number of enterprise level WordPress websites. We work mutually with our clients to determine the key management points within your site, develop personalized templates, themes, layouts and plug-ins to attain your goals. Along with leveraging the simplicity and ease of use WordPress against unique and remarkable programming expertise to render a smooth marketplace supported across the world and consistently improvising, our company also involve powerful and friendly search engine optimization tools for better outcomes in leading search result web pages.

In addition, we keep a major focus on building each website’s performance in mind, along with taking care of responsiveness and speed key factors that keep the visitors engaged in your experience. Our customization and WordPress integration services cover the following mentioned below.

  • No need to rebuild the code
  • Compliance with W3C standards and norms
  • Security and prevention against spammers
  • Easy installation and customization of custom upgrades
  • SEO friendly themes, templates and layouts
  • Layout integration with customized design
  • Installation and personalization of widgets
  • Admin and control panel set up, add-on development
  • WordPress plug-ins
  • CSS and HTML codes for SEO support

Our WordPress expertise including designers and developers will not only integrate the platform with your site but also will also provide a boost to your online business with all necessary customized solutions. We would be rather be happy and satisfied by customizing and integrating such plug-ins for your firm and other developments along with providing customized functionality for your website. To ask for a free quote or get professional consulting, feel free to contact us for more WordPress integration needs.

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