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[att_container type=”accordion”][att_element title=”Q1: How many web pages should a website have?”]A: The perfect way is to create a site map first by grouping and   categorizing all the links under different segments. Each section that   needs to be visually showcased should have a web page, along with some   standard segments such as Profile page, About Us page, Home page,   Contact Us page, Terms and Conditions, FAQ’s, Privacy policy,   Disclaimers and Feedback page. Once, you are done with mapping the   entire structure of the site, simply count the number of web pages you   need for your website. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q2: How significant it is to have synergy between Offline Presence with the Web Presence?”]A: The design of a site should be in the manner like it complements all   the existing offline communications like banners, visiting cards,   brochures etc. The web presence is like an extension of your business on   the World Wide Web and it plays a vital role with offline presence too.[/att_element][att_element title=”Q3: How is that possible to have assurance to get top notch   listings for my site on leading search engines including MSN, Yahoo and   Google?”]A: After designing and development, make sure to hand over your site to   an experienced and professional organization, which ensures that your   site is listed as per the targeted keywords that would attract and drive   potential traffic.[/att_element][att_element title=”Q4: How do I start? “]A: Get in touch with our company “Web Outsourcing Team” or mail us at and rest we will take care of your every   requirement.[/att_element][att_element title=”Q5: What role does flash plays while designing a website?”]A: Flash plays a significant role in designing a website. Along with   giving a website look interactive, user friendly and good, it’s   necessary to use flash intelligently and smartly while designing. All   flash based sites may or may not be effective, as search engines take   long time in opening and crawling such sites. Our company, “Web   Outsourcing Team” specializes in web designing and development of site   and you can have a look at portfolio section to check some of the   samples. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q6: Which is better: A bespoke solution or off the shelf one? “]A: To be precise, it needs some amount of research and acknowledging the   need of the project. If the requirement is standardized and fits within   the bill of the available software, it is good to take this idea up.   Though, if there is the slightest need of customization then creating a   customized solution is the best choice. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q7: What do you mean by “Internet Marketing”?”]A: Also known as online marketing, e-marketing or Internet advertising,   Internet marketing is basically the marketing or advertisement of   products and services on the internet platform. IN addition, the   technique follows varied techniques for promotions including SEO (Search   Engine Optimization), Banner Advertisements, PPC (Pay per Click), SMS   marketing and Affiliate Marketing.[/att_element][att_element title=”Q8: What does indexing and caching of web pages mean?”] A: The popular and leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN   usually takes a snapshot of every web page that it determines and caches   and save that version as a backup. The cached version is basically the   one, which search engines use to check whether the web page is a   suitable match for your query. On the other hand, an index is a system   used to find the information easily. The search engines use this   procedure to develop a table of appropriate sites uploaded on the server   that needs to be fetched as and whenever needed. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q9: What do you mean by web spiders? “]A: The search engines employ special software robots also known as web   spiders to create a list of the words identified on websites. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 10: Are framed sites considered as a thing of past? “]A: Framed sites are not suitable and active these days as they make the   search engines difficult and arduous to crawl via them. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 11:  How can the site’s traffic be increased? “]A: Traffic can be increased via following techniques:   For branding online: Email marketing and rich media (CPM) strategies   would be helpful.  For immediate results: Email marketing, PPC (Pay per Click), Affiliate   marketing and Rich Media (CPA) would be beneficial and fruitful.   For long term applications: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and email   marketing strategies would be helpful.[/att_element][att_element title=”Q 12: When and how will I come to know whether I really require website maintenance?”]A: The updated websites are supported by all the leading and prominent   search engines and website maintenance for sure spell better ranking and   position for your site. Along with this, it is extremely important that   your site showcase latest information about your site to appeal more   targeted traffic. The irrelevant data could be misguiding sometimes and   will be of little interest for your prospective clients. Website   maintenance plays a major role especially if the site is big and   includes few segments which need constant up-gradations and   modifications. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 13: How come I know how many hours is needed to work on the site?”]A: Whenever you require any updates for your website, you can simply let   us know the requirements in prior and our expertise will estimate the   time period for the same and will tell you.[/att_element][att_element title=”Q 14: What do you mean by shared or virtual web hosting platform?”]A: Shared or virtual web hosting platform means that you are looking for   an affordable solution, where you are going to pay for the space your   site engross on the server. You are going to share it with varied sites   that must have chosen for similar options. Well, the solution is   beneficial for most of the sites except those highly advanced and   technological ones carrying confidential data transactions and   information that needs the power of a dedicated server.[/att_element][att_element title=”Q 15:  Can I subject to unwanted and undesired advertisement banners on my site?”]A: It simply means that you are looking for an affordable solution where   you would be the only paying one for the space that your site   preoccupies on the server. In addition, you would be paying us for   reserving an exclusive space for your site. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 16: Which hosting platform is better: Windows or Linux?”]A: Linux based web hosting platform takes care of all the requirements   that a site may have often at times certain specified needs that may be   taken care of by Windows based applications. Picking up of Windows based   platforms like MS Access and ASP scripting is must to use in such   cases.[/att_element][att_element title=”Q 17: What do you understand by a domain name? “]A: A domain name is a unique name used to identify, browse and reach the   information stored on the internet platform. All you need to do is to   book and decide the domain name, .com, .net or .org, you wish to attain   and book for your site to use and check whether the similar is available   or not. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 18: How long does it take to transfer or register a domain name?”]A: It takes merely a few minutes to register a domain name. Though, the   registration reflects in approx. 24-48 hours of time period on the   internet as DNS (Domain Name System) databases are updated once in a   day. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 19: Is it really necessary to provide personal information and get it visible on the internet?”]A: Yes, it’s necessary and vital to mention the personal information and   get it visible on internet. For speedy technical trouble shooting and   security and legal purposes, it’s essential to give the details that   needs to be submitted on a directory that keeps a track of all the   domains possessed by several individuals and organizations. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 20: Do I really need a website?”]A: A site is simply a must. It is not a luxury in these days competitive   arena. Without a good site, your business will always be a step behind   your contention and competition. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 21: What is the difference between a freelancer and reputed web development firm?”]A: A freelancer is a self employed website designer or developer who   works independently with their clients. In addition, a reputed and well   known web development company provides complete web solutions for   clients. The biggest benefit of availing services from a company is that   you get the chance to get the full-fledged package of web solutions as   the company is backed with a bunch of talented and skilled   professionals. Also, while dealing with a company, you have the   satisfaction that your work would be complete within a stipulated time   frame and budget. On the contrary, lots of clients have faced the   similar kind of problem with freelancers i.e. lack of professionalism. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 22: Is domain registration and web hosting included in web development?”]A: Usually, domain registration and web hosting is not a part of web   development process. Although, a good and reputed web development   company can guide and advice you on better domains and the processes and   techniques you can use in order to attain the optimal return on   investments while designing and development of a website. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 23: Where I could get the right hosting package?”]A: Hosting is an interesting and very important issue to deal with. The   most significant advice in hosting, you can get from web developers.   Once you are clear about the functionality of the site and kind of   bandwidth needs you will require, you can make a decision whether you   need a shared or dedicated solution. Once, you made this decision and   your site is developed, accordingly you can select the suitable hosting   environment for your site. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 24: Is this possible to build a bridge between application integration and application development? “]A: IT has always been considered as a vital part of success of every   business. In fact, these days, it is not regarded as an overhead; rather   it is a competitive asset. And, IT is essential to render the agility   and speed in a world where market changes and business decisions have to   be managed in real time. Along with rendering reliability, security,   stability and risk mitigation, it is important to build the bridge   between application development and integration and get better position   in the marketplace. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 25: How long does it take to design a website?”]A: Well, the time period to be incurred in designing a website   completely depends on number of web pages and the functionality to be   integrated in it. Usually the client mentions his/her timescale while   giving their project. Still, if you have a deadline, you can tell ‘Web   Outsourcing Team’ and we can give assurance to complete it within time   frame.[/att_element][att_element title=”Q 26: How come my website design would be search engine friendly?”]A: Usually good web designing and development companies create websites   keeping in mind search engine guidelines. It is a good thing for your   site to reassess it after some time again and again as search engines   used to change the rules and algorithms and you have to be sure about   keeping your site up to date and in compliance with new rules. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 27: Do I need a database for my website?”]A: The need of a database completely depends on the amount of   information you want to showcase on your site. If you a wide gamut of   products and services, it would be beneficial to have a database   integrated in your website design. In addition, the designing and   development companies can tailor and custom your specific requirements. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 28: How will I update my website?”]A: There are different methods and strategies through which you can   update your website. The changes and up gradations to be inculcated   depends how much data or pictures or information you use and store on   your website at present. At “Web outsourcing Team”, we can provide open   source and effective content management systems where you have the   authority to update individual pages, products, services and particular   segments of your site. We would be glad to assist you in each and every   phase and give you unique and innovative solutions. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 29: Can I get e-mail ID’s with my site?”]A: Yes, for sure you can get email ID’s and even you can set up several   email address like, and [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 30: Can I get an e-commerce system for my site?”]A: Yes, you can get an e-commerce system for your website by making use   of SSL (Secure Servers) that uses the latest encryption methods to   insure whether your clients are buying products from your site or not.   Also, it ensures that the information the users have entered is safe and   secure. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 31: Who owns a site once the site is completed?”]A: Once the website is completed, it belongs to you. The company sends   you the authentication of the website and you have the complete freedom   to use it as per your wish. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 32: What are the pre-requisites that clients should ask before handling anyone their project?”]A: The clients should have an idea about the number of years for which   the company has been serving the people. Also, the size of the company,   along with its reputation, well being and prices should be known in   advance.[/att_element][att_element title=”Q 33: What else you can ask the clients before taking any project from them?”]A: You should ask them to show at least 3 websites that they think will complement their idea. Also, ask about their:[list style=””][li]1. Preferences and priorities[/li][li]2. Which color scheme they prefer? [/li][li]3. Which is more important according to them: Speed or Quality?[/li][li]4. The main purpose or aim of so-called project?[/li][/list][/att_element][att_element title=”Q 34: What should be asked from the clients concerning the project?”]A: The necessary things that should be asked from the clients concerning your project include:[list style=””][li]1. The budget for the project.[/li][li]2. The deadline and appropriate time frame for the project.[/li][li]3. The payment procedure to be used?[/li][li]4. How frequently need updates on site?[/li][list][/att_element][att_element title=”Q 35:  What should be the specifications for a domain name?”]A: The total length of a domain name varies up to 24 characters and the characters included are digits, letters and dash. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 36: How much time it takes to create a website?”]A: The time period it takes to develop a fully functional site is based   on different factors. Depending on the complexity of web design and   number of revisions, customized design can take time in between 1-4   weeks. In addition, the web development process needs more 2-8 weeks   depending on the functionality required and number of web pages. So, in   total as per the complexity and functionality of the site, minimum it   takes 1 -3 months in designing and development of a site. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 37: Can I have more than 1 domain name for same website?”]A: Yes, of course you can have more than 1 domain name for same website. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 38: What is the best way for content maintenance on a site?”]A: There could be different ways through which you can maintain and   refresh the content on the site. It’s always recommended strongly to   update the site on regular basis. You can sign up companies and avail   ongoing maintenance plans, which ensure to not only upgrade the site as   per recent standards but also assist you to stay in the competition.   Moreover, you can buy an open source content management system and make   the changes you want at any time. Also, it is ideal especially if your   website needs frequent updates. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 39: What is included in setting and developing an e-commerce site?”]A: First of all, you need a website design and normal functional   elements of a site such as contact form. For getting standard e-commerce   website and functionality, you need to integrate different components   in your site like a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate, a payment   gateway, a merchant account, a database for processing transactions and   storing user information and a shopping cart solution. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 40: How much important it is to promote my site for search engines?”]A: If you wish to spread your business more and more then it’s extremely   advisable and preferable to check whether your website is properly   optimized or not. 90% of internet users use search functionality to   browse whatever they need online. So, it’s utterly vital to optimize and   promote a site for search engines. The sooner you made the changes, the   sooner you will come to see the outcomes. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 41: What is the meaning of a page rank?”]A: It is a term used by Google for ranking web pages in accord to the   importance and significance of certain keywords. If page rank likes your   web page and finds it beneficial and useful as per the defined   parameters, it’s for sure that you will receive a high and better   ranking on search engine result page. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 42: What is the meaning of black hat SEO?”]A: Many companies use black hat SEO techniques in an effort to get   better rankings and outcomes on search engines. The techniques used   could be link farms, page cloaking, and keyword spamming and duplicate   content repetition. These strategies may work on a temporary basis but   search engines are getting more advanced. Eventually, your website will   be banned or blocked altogether. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 43: Is PPC advertising beneficial and successful?”]A: PPC (Pay per Click) advertising is a widely accepted and well known   brand building strategy. Though, search engines results show PPC ads   separate several users especially if your site’s titles and descriptions   are appealing and attractive. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 44: What I can do to cut the costs? “]A: Analysis and complete preparations is the key to success and lower   down the costs. Think whether you know what actually you are looking   for? Have you got the files and the text you wish to have on your site?   Do you know what type of graphics you want to have and how the site   should look like? The lesser you will retrace the steps and change your   ideas, the lesser price would incur. Similarly, less time will be spent   on senseless typing and re-typing the thoughts and material on your part   and lower your bill would be. So, you can save your money and time by   minimizing the drudgery. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 45: How will people browse/find my website?”]A: With numerous websites claiming to proffer the similar kind of   services you wish to provide, it’s extremely significant to promote the   USP of your website that actually makes you stand apart from others.   Through proper search optimization techniques, it is possible to rank   your site higher on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN,   and get it visible for many internet users to have a look of your site   and avail your offerings. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 46: How can I update my website?”]A: There are many methods available on the internet platform through   which you can upgrade the content on the website. The method and   functionality you wish to inculcate is solely upon you and our company   “Web Outsourcing Team” would feel glad to suit your needs and   requirements. We can provide open source content management system to   you where you can not only update the site content but also add   products, services and anything you want. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 47: What is the difference between a static site and a dynamic website?”]A: A static website is only written and coded in HTML. Each and every   web page is different and there is no database from where it fetches the   data. Everything is on the site and editing the functionality means   going to each and every web page and editing the HTML code for it. On   the other hand, a dynamic website is documented by using more complex   code and there is a database and if you need any change then it can be   altered via interface only. Dynamic sites cost more to develop as   compared to static sites, though they can lower down ongoing maintenance   costs once created. In addition, dynamic sites have many advantages as   they let you to change the content of the site, not design so that you   will not be able to break the visual style of the website. Also, when   the site used to get big and expandable, the data management also gets   much more efficient. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 48: If I need few changes on my template or site, can you provide that service?”]A: Yes for sure. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 49: How much time consuming it is to complete a site?”]A: Usually, the client used to tell the timeline for finishing the   project. And, accordingly it’s the company headache how to complete it   within the stipulated time frame. Though, depending on the number of web   pages, functionality to integrate on the site, it takes in between 1-3   months of time period in general to complete a site. [/att_element][att_element title=”Q 50: When can I upgrade the content of the site?”]A: If you website includes a content management system then you can   change and upgrade the content any time and as frequently as you wish. [/att_element] [/att_container]

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