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CMS from Scratch is a quick, easy, and affordable FREE solution that lets web designers give their customers a web site they can edit themselves. We provide Content Management Solutions that simplify the management of content to your and provide a platform to manage the complete life cycle of all content.We provide you the CMS having following functionality’s:

[list style=”tick”][li]You can add more products that the store can stock by enabling the customer to be able to order from online stock.[/li] [li]A core storehouse for products that helps manage, share, integrate and deliver information on requirement.[/li] [li]Arrange the life cycle of all content like: images, compliance records, documents, e-mail, digital media and case management notes.[/li] [li]Compatible branding and messaging[/li] [li]Relevant information[/li] [li]Web engagement and interaction with customers[/li] [li]Efficiency and productivity[/li] [/list]

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