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If your website has been infected, it is because of some vulnerability that allows the hackers to take full control of your website. The hackers could change the content or images of the website with the intent of phishing or tricking customers by bifurcating the personal and credit card information. In fact, they can insert some malicious code that can pull content from other site that tries to drive any computer that views the web page. As everybody is aware of the fact that there is sensitive information on the server and it can be hacked in few seconds by professional hackers and specialists. If you are one of those who is looking for an immediate solution and don’t want to spend in numerous hours running behind them then Web Outsourcing Team is one stop platform for all. Our skilled hacked website support expertise understands the importance and significance of timely and updated support on your instant hacking fix. What are you waiting for? Prevent your website from hacking. Have a look at the following mentioned services that we offer.[list style=”tick”][li]1. Immediate Support – Along with fixing your hacking issues and preventing it from other after effects of hacking, our experts do a deep analysis and devise an action plan to recover it at the earliest. Depending on the kind of website and problem it has, our experts think of a plan to solve it. [/li] [/list]
[list style=”tick”][li]2. Remove websites from Google blacklist – Once your site is hacked; it would be automatically blacklisted from search engines including Google and will not appear in search result web pages. Our experts would conduct the Google blacklist removal process and been responsible for putting your site back in search engines. [/li] [/list]
[list style=”tick”][li]3. Install security patches and updates – Along with identifying loop holes and lacuna’s in installing necessary updates and security patches, our experts will take critical steps required to prevent hacking. [/li] [/list]
[list style=”tick”][li]4. Fix Issues and bugs – We understand that all patch fixes will not go smooth for sure so we are ready for the worst scenario every time. In addition, our team performs bugs and minor component prevention that could be helpful in safeguarding your site from hacking.[/li] [/list]
[list style=”tick”][li]5. Detailed planning and coordination – Working and coordinating with team members on live website is a critical task, thus needs detailed planning and efficient coordination. Using our extensive years of experience, our experts share detailed planning with our clients and keeps them aware of the updated progress. [/li] [/list]

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