Google’s Amazing Facts

These are some diverting and marvelous things about Google search. To enjoy and experience them more, you must try them yourself. So just go and try it now.Enjoy!

1. Barrel- In Google search bar type a search for “ do a barrel roll” or “z or r twice” and observe the result.

Google search describes the barrel roll by doing it with their screen, which is amazing. The screen rotates a full turn when the search results appear for the said search terms.

2. Tilt- Another interesting search term by Google. Type search for “tilt” or “askew” in the Google search bar to get amazed again to see the screen that will be a little tilted towards the right hand side to actually show you the meaning of tilt.

This effect work only in webkit browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Android built in browsers and Firefox version 7+.

3. Recursion- Type the term “recursion” in Google search bar. It will show “Did you mean: “recursion” that makes you recursively search the same term again and again, which is the actual meaning of “recursion”.


4. Binary – Search for the term “binary” in Google search bar, the number of results found changes to binary number system.


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