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We offer you the most dependable automobile batteries that will last a long time and won’t battery you when you need them the most.

Automobile batteries are very essential to run your automobile.

You need your automobile batteries to start your automobile.

This is why, you should never take your batteries lightly.

Suppose, you need to stop your car somewhere at an isolated spot (turn off the ignition) and suddenly you find, you cannot start it because the battery has either fully drained, or has developed a fault.

When you purchase your battery from our battery shop you can rest assured of reliable automobile batteries that will perform well for a long time.

We stock a wide range of automobile batteries from all major battery brands including [mention the battery brands].

Why purchase automobile batteries from us?

We believe that automobile batteries are your lifeline hence, we don’t take chances with them. We never stock inferior quality batteries. Even the batteries that have been restored are as good as new batteries.

Even with all the care and quality control, if you end up purchasing a faulty battery, you’re always welcome to return the battery and we will happily replace it with the battery that is of good quality to best of our knowledge.

The Power Shop has been in the business of stocking and selling high-quality batteries for the past 50 years. Multiple generations of customers have purchased batteries from our shop with great trust and a sense of reliability. They know that they are always going to get the best quality automobile batteries from our shop, and even if there is a problem, we are always there to help.

So, do drop in at our shop or browse through our catalogue of automobile batteries right on our website.

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